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Rolled Oats


At Snug Haven Farm we produce rolled oats differently to bring you better flavor. In general rolled oats are heat treated to give them a longer shelf life by keeping the oils from going rancid. We believe food should be grown, harvested, processed and eaten for freshness, taste, and nutritional value, not shelf life. By not heat treating our oats, they have a more full and nutty flavor.

Our oats are stored, hulled, and rolled at Lonesome Stone Mill in Lone Rock, WI. They are hulled in relatively large batches, but the freshness clock doesn't start ticking until they are rolled. Our oats are rolled to order in small batches and delivered the next day. We then put them straight into the freezer. Once delivered to you, they should stay fresh fro over a month in your refrigerator, and for 4-5 months in your freezer. 

Because of the small size of our operation and that of Lonesome Stone, our oats may have small and varying amounts of hull. One way to separate them from the oats is to submerge the oats in water. The hulls will float to the top and you can easily skim them off. This can be done right before cooking. 

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